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ZO Skin Health

ZO Getting Skin Ready Kit

ZO Getting Skin Ready Kit

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Getting Skin Ready® (GSR®) is the essential first step to bring skin back to its healthiest state. This simple ZO® Skin Health protocol of cleansing, exfoliating and toning works synergistically to promote skin health restoration and to optimize the effectiveness of our more advanced prevent and correct products, programs and protocols. The GSR® protocol is designed to:

Remove surface oil, makeup + pollutants that can cause breakouts and contribute to premature skin aging

  • Initiate renewal of skin’s upper layers to improve texture
  • Enhance penetration of corrective products to optimize overall results
  • Improve microcirculation for a healthier-appearing complexion

At the 8-week interval of a clinical study, patients self-assessed the efficacy of GSR®, reporting statistical improvements across all benefits measured.

62% improvement in DULLNESS

69% improvement in OILINESS

60% improvement in REDNESS

73% improvement in ROUGHNESS

PROTOCOL: An 8-week clinical study on 35 subjects. Subjects cleansed AM + PM with Gentle Cleanser, exfoliated in the AM with Exfoliating Polish and toned skin AM + PM with Oil Control Pads. Subjects used their own self-selected SPF 30+ sunscreen during the study.

Kit contains:

Gentle Cleanser

Exfoliating Polish

Complexion Renewal Pads

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